Face (hand mirror) package by design unit MUTE

Denim cloth samples are provided as packaging for the mirror.
Several hundred types of sample denim fabric are produced each year.
Texture and tones can be affected by even small changes in humidity and temperature. Factor in other processes
such as stone and chemical washing and monitoring deterioration, countless hours and no small amount of sweat and
tears are poured into creating good denim.Each year, several dozen patterns are provided to manufacturers,
thereby deciding that year’s denim style. Despite the passion that is poured into creating denim,
samples are replaced each season, and every few years when the stock piles up, they are destroyed.

Material : Denim samples

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MUTE : http://mu-te.com
Formed in 2008 by Kenji Ito and Takahiro Umino, both graduates of Kuwasawa Design School.
Involved in a range of activities with the aim of creating things that quietly assert their presence on our lives.