Novelty / SOTOKOTO Coaster

Coasters hand made from Shimanto hinoki (Japanese cypress) thinnings.
Developed to commemorate the 10th anniversary of monthly magazine SOTOKOTO published by Kirakusha.
Distributed as a special supplement to the July 2011 issue, each piece was individually crafted by Shimanto artisans
from beveling to branding. Thinning trees is essential for maintaining healthy forests. Thinned trees are often disposed of,
however these products were created out of the desire to utilize this resource.
Aside from their obvious use as a coaster, they can also be used as a bath aroma agent.

Size : W80mm x H80mm x D5mm

Material : Shimanto hinoki (Japanese cypress / forest thinning)

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Kirakusha :
‘SOTOKOTO’ is a monthly lifestyle magazine for ‘LOHAS’ people.
Established in 1999 as the world’s first ‘environmental fashion’ magazine,
it features lifestyles that are fun and sympathetic to the earth.